Your First Dental Appointment

What to expect at your initial hygiene visit:

·Park in our complimentary private parking garage

·Meet Gina, our scheduling coordinator and Cayla, our office manager

·Surf the internet on our iPad or watch tv while you help yourself to a refreshment (coffee, tea, water, juice) and fill out paperwork
·Meet your hygienist Holly or Abby who will give you a tour of the office
·Update your digital x-rays –we utilize the latest technology to diagnose cavities and gum disease
· Moisturize and soften your hands by dipping them in our complimentary hand paraffin wax
·Complete your oral health evaluation with your hygienist
·Watch your favorite tv show during your cleaning
·Meet Dr. Corson and his fabulous assistants:  Monica, Amanda and Khrystal
·Leave with a new bag of goodies including SPF chapstick
·Schedule your next appointment to stay on track–we look forward to seeing you again soon!