Why Are People Afraid of the Dentist?

Why are people afraid of the dentist?
The first question on our dental history questionnaire here at Corson Dentistry asks “On a scale from 1 (least) to 10 (most), how fearful are you of dental treatment? We care about your general fears, even if you’ve never had a traumatic dental experience. So, why are people afraid of the dentist you ask? Here are some common reasons, and our solutions to your dental fears.

“It’s been a few years since my last cleaning appointment and I think I might have cavities”—Sometimes the hardest part about going to the dentist is making the actual appointment and stepping through the door. So even if it’s been a few years, good for you for taking the steps to get back on track– we’re excited to help you along the way. We treat every patient with the same standard of care whether it’s been 6 months or 6 years. For more information on what your first appointment will look like, check out our blog.

 “My last cleaning really hurt”—Your comfort is our priority here at Corson Dentistry. Holly and Abby will work with you to ensure your cleanings are as painless as possible. We utilize the latest dental cleaning technology such as ultrasonic scaling and topical anesthetic (if necessary) in order to be as gentle as possible. Also, when it’s time to update your x-rays, we have a handheld, portable x-ray unit that enables us to take them quickly and efficiently to make the process more comfortable.

“I have a fear of getting shots”- We often hear how painless an injection was after numbing someone’s tooth because we take our time to ensure comfort with topical anesthetic prior to numbing. In addition, because Dr. Corson has spent a significant amount of time training, both technical and throughout his military career, he is one of the few general dentists in Colorado licensed to perform IV sedation. We can also provide nitrous (laughing gas) and other oral sedation options if you are nervous.

“I never had a good experience at the dentist growing up”- Here at Corson Dentistry, we are proud to utilize the latest dental technology to make each appointment a pleasant experience. We offer paraffin hand waxing, fresh coffee and chilled refreshments, and a warm lemon-scented hand towel to freshen up with complimentary at each visit. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions and will make sure each visit here is a great one.

“I had a bad experience at my last office, I didn’t trust my last dentist”—Thank you for letting us know about your experience, we will make sure the same thing doesn’t ever happen here! We look forward to getting to know you and your family and earning your trust. We won’t recommend unnecessary treatment and will provide you with a detailed insurance estimate so there are never any surprises.

“I don’t want my crown to fall off”—Gone are the days of crowns falling off and having sensitivity until you can get in for an appointment. We have a machine in the office that enables us to perform same-day treatment for crown preparations which means you receive your permanent, porcelain crown in one appointment!