Oral Dental Sedation

Approximately 20 percent of Americans are afraid of the dentist, which can prevent them from making the regular appointments for routine care. These biannual dental checkups are essential to maintaining the best possible dental health. When patients suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Corson and his associates at Corson Dentistry in Denver, Colorado offer a variety of sedation options to help them to relax during treatment. One of the types of sedative available is oral sedation, which is a mild sedative taken in pill form.

What is oral dental sedation?

Oral sedatives are pills taken by the patient before treatment. Sedatives help patients to relax during dental treatments by slowing the central nervous system. While under sedation, patients are aware of their surroundings, but relaxed and less responsive to external stimuli. Sedatives also reduce a patient’s sense of pain. Oral sedation is one of the most common forms of sedative administered by dentists. The patient retains a sense of control by taking the medication him or herself.

Most patients feel calm and relaxed after taking an oral sedative, but still able to respond to the dentist and his team and answer questions. Even though the sedation is mild, patients who opt for a sedative during treatment should arrange for a friend or family member to drive them home.

Who benefits from dental sedation with pills?

Oral sedatives are helpful to patients of all ages who experience dental anxiety. Oral sedatives can also be helpful to small children and people with disabilities who may not be able to sit still during dental treatment or do not understand what happens while at the dentist. Dental care is essential to not only maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile but also to total body health. Oral dental sedation helps patients to receive the care they need without feelings of fear or anxiety.

What dental services are performed with sedation?

The dentists at Corson Dentistry perform dental care ranging from routine checkups to root canal treatment on patients who have taken a sedative in pill form. Depending on the level of fear or anxiety a patient has about the dentist or a particular treatment, the dentist will prescribe an oral sedative to help them relax throughout their treatment. Many patients prefer to have a sedative during treatments that have a reputation of being painful. Dr. Corson and his associates stay up to date with the most modern and innovative techniques for treatments such as fillings, root canals, dental implants, extractions, and local anesthetics. These advancements have resulted in less discomfort for patients, even if there is still a perception of pain. Each patient has a unique experience and perspective and Dr. Corson and his associates want all of their patients to be comfortable while in the chair and to receive the best possible dental care.

How do I know which dental sedation option is right for me?

Dr. Corson and his team have significant training and experience in providing sedation dentistry services. The dentists work to build lasting relationships with their patients, understanding their emotional response to dental care as well as their dentistry needs. If sedation is necessary for a patient’s treatment, Dr. Corson or one of his associate will provide a consultation with that patient to determine the best level of sedation as well as the best way for the sedative to be administered.